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Insanity Club

Page dedicated to awards that The Insanity Club has won. Yes, these are real awards awarded to us. Don't give us that look!! Just go and see our fabulous award page(created and maintained by Juri)!!

Juri's Colum:

*jumping for joy* YAY!!! We have our first award. And I haven't died, just "neglected" my padded walls for a while. I apologize, but I promise better upkeep of the place!!!


The Insanity Club's first award has been issued! It is the award for the Most Insane Site! LOL. NEwho go and check it out, our very first award!!!

Cat's Colum:

Accumulated awards for The Insanity Club


This award was awarded on February 4, 2003 to The Insanity Club by Lady Aurora. There is a link to her site in the Links section(it's the Lord of the Rings one incase you haven't been there yet).